Rush for Glory

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By killing enemies the player gains gold and experience. Using his resources (Gold and experience), he should decide the tower he has in mind, and locate it in an appropriate place. Each tower has its own especial ability which serves for an especial purpose. The player’s situation through the game guides him to make the right decision while choosing the type of the tower and its location. This game has 10 levels. Each level has a different atmosphere and provides a wide variety of visual experience for gamers. The atmosphere of the game begins in a village and extends to urban margins and ends in a completely different world in the aliens’ base. cialis dosage “Rush for Glory” has new and different items which are called power attacks. These new items have especial and strong abilities which make this game more absorbing. The player should use power attacks and towers simultaneously to be successful in the game. Another point about RfG is the great variety of enemy units. Each unit has its especial feature and behavior which force the player to use a distinct strategy in order to face and defeat it. 5 power attacks and 5 towers with 30 different aggressive modes in facing a huge variety of enemies and levels with different atmospheres try to make RfG a different and fun experience for users.

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